Matting refers to the window-shaped material that surrounds an image within a frame. Matting serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Its functional purpose is to create a space between the art and the glazing which allows the artwork to expand and contract with changes in humidity. It also prevents direct contact of the art with the glazing which prevents condensation that can create mold and otherwise harm the art.

Aesthetically the matting focuses the viewer to the art while enhancing but never distracting from the image. The wide selection of colors and finishes available allows you to complement the color and design of the piece. Mainframe will assist you in choosing what best suits you and your artwork.

Mainframe offers archival, 100% rag and decorative paper matting. Archival and rag is the choice for long term preservation of your art or heirloom. All acids, lignins, and impurities have been removed from these types of boards and will protect and preserve the framed item for generations. If the piece is decorative only and has little or no sentimental or financial value, paper mat can be used. We will help you find the perfect way to enhance and display your project and will advise you on appropriate methods.

Different styles of matting:

matt1lg matt2lg matt4lg matt5lg matt7lg

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