How long does it take to have something custom framed?

Most project can be completed in two weeks or less.  If you need something done quickly, just tell us and we can almost always accommodate you!

Is it expensive?

There are a 3 factors in determining the cost: size, materials used, and complexity of the project.  We offer a wide range of options and price points to get you what you want.  One thing that we have consistently found to be true is that our every day prices are less than the “Big Box‘s” 60% off coupons. Feel free to come in for an estimate.

Is it worth framing?

People sometimes ask this if they have an item that is not of any monetary value or is a little beat up. Any item that you would like to display and/or protect can benefit from custom framing. Things always look better after they have been framed!

Do you do repairs?

Yes! Broken glass, re-wiring, separated frame corners and more can be done. There are a few exceptions but let us take a look.

I have on an old frame I’d like to use. Can you help me?

Certainly! We frequently re-use customers antique frames  or put new artwork into an existing frame. If you need new mats or glass, no problem.

Do you frame mirrors?

Yes! Mirrors can be framed in any frame in any size. Beveled and non-beveled mirrors are available.

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